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"One of Hoka's biggest events of the year is the Rotterdam Marathon. This year, Hoka worked with us to create social content to get people excited. Part of this was to entice people to tune in to Hoka's instagram channel for on the ground coverage and a behind the scenes look through IG stories and in feed posts on the day. 

To offer something more than just coverage however, we decided to create a short documentary series about a marathon runner called Edwin, who we followed during his preparation period leading up to the event all the way through to running the marathon itself. The films ended up being screened at the Hoka expo and by the time marathon day came, people were routing for him and congratulating him after. Edwin provided a very relatable story to help inspire future runners following the Hoka brand."

Role: Director | DP


Agency: Ogilvy

Creative: Dane Neill, Chris Marley

Director | DP: Chris Marley

Producer: Emma Tills

Camera Op: Craig Murdoch

Editors: Fazy Hashmey, Rebecca Young, Kieran Crozier

Titles: Michael Akuagwa

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