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"Second time back in Rotterdam for Hoka. This year we created a whole bunch of video and static social and OOH content for Hoka leading up the the 2023 Rotterdam Marathon and introduced the #HokaFlyGuide, a bespoke running route around Rotterdam for marathon runners and spectators to check out.

We followed local runner, spoken word poet, performer and all round total legend, Elten Kiene who helped us create the guide, showing us around some of his favourite Rotterdam places and even wrote a spoken word piece about his home city.

During the marathon itself, Hoka took over a massive OOH billboard outside the main train station, pushing the guide onto Rotterdam visitors through a QR code and promoting the Hoka Fly Guide along with a downloadable Strava route.

Check out the whole guide below for some inspiration on your next running route round Rotterdam and the BEST place in the world for Kapsalon! 💥 🤝


Role: Director | DP


Agency: Ogilvy

Creative: Dane Neill, Marshall Katheder, Rebecca Channing

Director: Chris Marley

Producer: Jessica Clark

Camera Ops: Chris Marley/Aaron Witchard

Editors: Rebecca Young, Kieran Crozier

Photography: Rebecca Channing

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