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"This year Hoka returned again as a key sponsor for the London Hackney Half Marathon. The goal was to outline the benefits of running for your mental health, why people run, and getting people generally fired up to put the running shoes on themselves.

We teamed up with Imogen, Matt and Garcia, shooting them all over Hackney, running around some of their favourite spots. They all shared their stories on how running has helped them not just physically, but mentally as well, and reasons for why some of them were running the Hackney Half this year, including raising money for mental health charity, 'Mind'.


All films were created for Meta, YouTube and Tiktok."

Role: Director | DP


Agency: Ogilvy

Creative: Marshall Katheder, Rebecca Channing

Producer: Jessica Clark

Director: Chris Marley

Camera Ops: Chris Marley/Aaron Witchard

Offline Editors: Adrian Floren-Ardelean, Rebecca Young, Kieran Crozier

Online Editor: Chris Marley

Designer: Dane Neill

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