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"With the lead up to UTMB 23 and Hoka being a main sponsor to the event once again, we created content for digital leading up to the biggest trail running competition in the world taking place in Mont Blanc. 


We followed two Parisian runners, Ruddy (@trobrillants) and Justine (@thbtjustine), both from different backgrounds, brought together through their love for trail running and both being part of the PWRUP running group. Visiting their backgrounds through this short documentary, we explored the importance of diversity and inclusion in the trail running world and how they're both out there to represent and make trail running more accessible to future generations. "

Role: Director | DP


Agency: Ogilvy

Creative: Dane Neill/Chris Marley

Director: Chris Marley

Producer: Jessica Clark

Camera Ops: Chris Marley/Aaron Witchard

Editor: Adrian Floren-Ardelean

Colour: Chris Marley

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