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Folio Steel Hero
Chop 2 Pot
Cut & Carve
Folio Steel


"Behind every great meal there’s a chopping board to help with the food prep, which is why Joseph Joseph has been designing and innovating chopping boards for the past 20 years. Whether you favour a colour-coded set for hygienic food prep, a folding board for easy food transfer or a double-sided model to help with the Sunday roast, each chopping board in their range is designed to make food prep quick, easy and hassle-free.


The content created for this range was to highlight their hero chopping board product, Folio Steel but also to show the cooking process behind various dishes and how each chopping board helped to create that dish. Starting from the finished dish, working our way backwards to the moment the chopping board was selected, each video was created to inspire customers on where it all began.

The 4 videos were repurposed/reformated for Joseph Joseph's social platforms.

Role: Director | DP | Editor


Creative | Art Director: Annette Rotz

Director | DP | Editor: Chris Marley

Pre Production: Chris Marley

Food Stylist: Sophie Foot

Gaffer: Craig Gambell

Spark: Hayden Jones

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