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Lynx - House Preroll
Lynx - Hiphop Preroll
Lynx - Electro Preroll
Lynx - Pop Preroll


"We've all been there - crushing your favourite track in the shower wondering what colour Ferrari you're gonna buy when a passing exec hear you and begs you to sign that multi-million pound record deal. Alas, it's a sad case of what could have been...Until now."

These films were created for YouTube as 6 second preroll adverts. Each film is targetted at people who listen to that specific genre depending on what someone may search for on Google platforms." 

Role: Director | DP | Colourist


Agency: Ogilvy

Creative: Josh Kelsal

Producer: Jess Cave

Director | DP: Chris Marley

Camera Assist: Cal Travis

Editor: Gareth Clarke

Colourist: Chris Marley

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